This is Gonna be a While .gov

So, I found out about how long my copyright request for my book, Mist Up Ahead, may take to process. It’s estimated at between 6-8 MONTHS. At least it is better than the 18 month suggested for paper mailing forms and the online form was more expedient in terms of finishing the request quickly. As it stands, while I wait for this to process and keep a close eye on my email I will be starting development of a new book project sooner than I thought (I figured waiting a little bit after releasing the book after copyrighting finished and all). But as you can probably tell that release may take a few more months than expected. In the meantime, I hope to start posting some new updates on an upcoming project on a new sub-page of this blog once I decide on the project to work on while continuing to update this page with neat/important updates. Thank you all very much for the continued support and hope you all have a nice day 🙂


Polish and Proofreading

After a busy few weeks of work and some more Japanese writing practice I’m currently polishing up Mist Up Ahead! I haven’t picked out a date yet for an Amazon release since I don’t know how long the copyrighting process will take but everyone keeping up with this blog will be the first to know! I am hoping to get it through before the New Year as my ideal release timing. You can’t imagine how excited I am! Or maybe you can I’m just super nervous about the publishing!

I’ve always wanted to complete and polish a nice fantasy novel for a long time and hopefully with this first publish of poetry I can really hammer out two prospective ideas I have a great feeling about. And for the two of you who remember my first full draft manuscript Learning the Dance (which isn’t a great title is it?) it had some confusing pacing and a main character that wasn’t well received for being too whiny. That’s why I want this to go right this time and really steam ahead on a more solid plot (more concise too, haha). So to all of you who wish me luck thank you sincerely and I can’t wait!

Six, Five, Four…

The countdown has begun. I’m picking out a great photograph for the cover and compiling everything into a manuscript. There are almost 70 poems now and I’m hoping to aim for a few more to fill out it nicely in the rhyming and found poetry sections, as well as a very special ‘arrowhead’ poem that I think will confuse some heads haha. But no seriously I’m very proud of how that particular poem turned out and I think it’ll look great under the last section of the chapbook. Now many people may be wondering ‘how can I get a paperback of the book?’ And sorry to say that I don’t have a POD machine to do something like that and there is a free service offered through Amazon to read ebooks on your computer if you don’t have a tablet. I think there is also one for your phone too. I’m hoping after two more paychecks at my day job to put my manuscript to the Government Copyright office and start formatting it for a smaller book for publish. It’s cheaper to submit the copyright stuff online than sending it in the mail from what I found. I’m super nervous and hoping that things turn out okay (Just seeing it online will be a huge accomplishment! AH so nervous!!) I hope you are having a great day and thank you for reading.

Nearly There!

I’ve been doing some more research on what makes a chapbook and what makes a compilation book and I’m hoping to make the latter instead. I have more than 50 poems now, including some nice photos to put together with some choice poems at the end before the Afterword. So, I think after some revising and peer review it may just be ready for the attempt to publish soon – well, once the copyright and self-publish and maybe ISBN costs are put together. I’m just nervous because some really great poetry compilations have more then 100 poems not 50 and are more than 100 pages too. So am I really ready, is my book only a chapbook so far even though it’s longer than 25 pages? I can only hope that I can advertise enough too. But I don’t want to ramble long so if anyone knows if my book what count as more than a chapbook or not let me know on my facebook page linking to this webpage. Thanks very much and I hope all of you have a great day! Sorry if I sound nervous because I AM!

How Much Caffeine is Enough?

I’ve had about three cups of stark black tea and can’t find any one thing to concentrate on. They were spaced out over the course of the day, but I decided that getting up too early today was a good idea on my day off from work and now it feels like I’m paying for it hard. I’m on the third cup right now mostly to warm up as it gets chillier by the day in good ol’ NYS. And my Chinese Oolong tea has been sitting here in front of me for days unopened now because I only drink that tea when I’m working all day on writing. Consider it my only-for-special-occasion tea and that occasion is writing longer works like fiction. That’s kinda why I miss creative writing classes, but I can’t go back to school with no financial aide now. Anyway, do I sound tired because I am! Maybe I can produce a good piece for the book with this fractured yet jittery state of mind. Who knows. I was also considering making real raw acorn pendants for etsy to reopen that shop and see if I sell them for cheaper than the ones I’ve seen on there if that can get it more sales. I’ll seal them of course with some kind of glossy spray and screw in pendant hooks for ball chain necklaces, maybe pair them with a tree themed pendant too? I don’t know it’s an idea to help with my savings account and help with my mother’s expenses and such. She been so supportive and I only make so much with my job, I can still help out but not as much as I’d like with how much I make. Anyway again, I’m rambling now so here’s the end for now.

Mist Up Ahead is up to 42+ poems so far.

Looking at manuscript formatting for selling on Amazon.

Found the Copyright website for filling out that form online.

Hello and welcome!

I’m hoping that this turns out to be a good idea, haha. I have done a journal in the past for deviantart but nothing so consistent as a wordpress blog. My goal here is to keep people interested in my poetry book Mist Up Ahead up-to-date on process of the book as well as other little things like my state of mind while writing and music I’m listening to for concentration and fun! Nothing is copyrighted or published yet so no excerpts of poems that are going in the book will be posted, which is fair. I work very hard on my writing since it is more than a hobby to me and I LOVE what I do with a critical eye for both details and litigation. So I hope you enjoy this journal reader and have a pleasant day – remember to take it easy but to also get done what you need to get done.

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